Exploring the Infrared Universe: The Promise of SPICA

SPICA 2019 Group Photo

The infrared wavelength range is key to understand the origin of galaxies, stars and planets.
The SPICA mission, thanks to its large cold mirror and exquisite set of instruments, will revolutionise these fields, providing ultra-deep spectroscopy and polarimetry in the 12-230 micron range. SPICA will complement current and upcoming facilities, such as JWST and ALMA, and boost sensitivity compared to past and current infrared observatories. ESA has recently selected SPICA as a candidate mission for its Cosmic Vision program:
It is time to gather the astronomical community around SPICA at a four-day conference to help finalize its design and to strengthen the science goals of SPICA and to identify new key science topics for which SPICA is a real asset.

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